Monday, August 29, 2011

Taper Day 7 - Crim is in the rear view mirror...

It seems that nothing related to our Freedom Striders run club has come easy these days.  The (loosely stated) mission of the group could be "freedom thru activity" and there is plenty of evidence we are seeing fruit.  Perhaps that is why at times I feel under attack from forces that would oppose such progress.

The Crim is the focal point of the Freedom Striders each summer, and this last Friday & Saturday was just as rewarding as the previous three years.  Despite all of the challenges, the Friday night pasta party was a huge success as I witnessed friendships forming and strengthening, hearty laughs and heartfelt sharing and listening - and a wee bit of smack talking about Saturday's race as well!

Saturday morning was a picture perfect morning and as usual the city of Flint shone bright for the 20,000 runners and walkers that participated in the series of races.  Eating some post-race pizza while folks shared their joy in the sense of accomplishment and the stories from their race was inspiring (and more than made up for all of the trouble I'd faced).

And yes, I also did run and was also very pleased with my effort and pleasantly surprised with the result - running faster than I expected with a relatively easy effort (it was just a taper run for me, after all).

So with Crim 2011 in the rear view mirror I have only one more event to give any thought to - Run Woodstock 2011 and my 100 mile ultra-marathon attempt.  11 days and counting...

Shoes - check.
Clothes - check.
Fuel/Food - check.
Pacers - this needs to be my #1 priority this week!
Camping and other such details for family and friends that'll be around - yeah, need to work that out, too.

Oh, and I need to buy some Ivy Block!  Last weekend I ran a loop of the Woodstock course (the race is 6 laps of a 16.6 mile course) to scope it out.  My first attempt the week before that was a bit of a crash-n-burn as I led my friends Tim and Jocelyn miles off course...but, I digress...

So last weekend I met up with two others that are running Woodstock and we took to the trails.  One section of the trail is obviously very rarely used and while only about 4/10ths of a mile, was a torturous few minutes - thick low branches, lots of thorns and thicket, calf deep water and mud...

What I came to learn, along about Tuesday afternoon, was that area also had some poison ivy.  For the last week I've been battling that.  It's akin to Chinese water torture!  Here's hoping that section will be cleaned up a bit by race day.  In case it's not, you bet I'll be laying the Ivy Block on thick!

My Running For RA inspiration, Lorrie, found out a few days back that she needs another surgery.  This was tough news for her.  She is going to have the surgery, but you bet it won't be until after the race!  Nothing will keep her from being out there :-)  I certainly covet prayers from my brothers and sisters in the faith as the race approaches.  But more so, I ask you turn your attention to Lorrie.  Pray for peace for her.  Pray for her doctors and the entire medical team.  Most of all - pray that she be healed!

You can read Lorrie's story on our Facebook page at
Want to be part of our mission to raise funds for RA Research?  Find us at

Ok, guess I should get to work lining up some pacers...

Press on,

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