Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Taper Day 3 - An unexpected twist

So it's day 3 of an 18 day taper leading into what will arguably be the most difficult day, physically, of my life.  In the last 21 weeks I have logged 978 miles on the bike and 932 miles running.  This works out to 44.4 miles per week of running on average (and a bit more on the bike - just a little cross training).  The running miles are weighted toward the end and I've logged a number of weeks in the 70 miles range recently, and that was previously uncharted territory for me.

I'm tired.  Most runners dread the taper.  I'm anxious for it.  Ready to heal the dents and dings of the training.
Most runners get grumpy, twitchy, irritable as they taper (like a race horse being held in the gate).  Personally, I'm looking forward to finding a bit more balance again (and hopefully some fresh legs).

In the last several weeks my daughter has gotten married, #3 grandson has started taking steps, mom visited from Florida, my brother realized a dream by moving to the lake, and one of my sisters led another successful medical mission trip to Nicaragua.  And that's just the highlights, just from the immediate family!  Then there is the job, the run club and the bike night I host, the extended family and friends.  So much to keep up on, so much to marvel at and appreciate, so many stories (and challenges - it's never all good news, is it?)

Then there's Lorrie.  She is my inspiration for dedicating the ultra attempt to raising funds and awareness for RA Research (see us on FB and Crowdrise).  My goals were lofty and my dreams were out of this world  when we started this journey.  Reality is that I've struggled to do the work necessary to really get the word out and raise the funds. 

That doesn't detract from the worthiness of the cause. And it certainly is not to late to get involved (i.e. Please Give! :-)

As I started writing that last paragraph (its about 1:30 a.m. - couldn't sleep), I find the check to the friend that cleans our home every other week (since Pam's shoulder surgery).  She left the check on my desk with a note that says "Please donate to the RA cause."  Wow.  That's huge to me, that's the kind of stuff that makes the world make sense to me.

Funny, I think that was a God moment.  I couldn't sleep because I was wrestling with everything that I perceived to be out balance. Balls I had let drop, opportunities passing me by.  Suddenly, looking at that note, I find myself smiling.  I feel at peace.  Maybe we are on the right path after all.

Until tomorrow then - or later today I guess, but whatever...

Press on friends.


Majid Ali said...

Please help me for Christ sake

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. When you let Balls drop you just pick them up : )