Saturday, January 8, 2011


Last weekend I started a trail run in the dark.  The first three+ miles were slow as I felt my way through the trail, unable to see the ground in front of me.  It was chilly but dry.  The warm temps and rain of the previous few days had washed away all the snow and the return to cold temps firmed up the trail surface and it was in great running shape.  Once the day fully dawned I relaxed into an easy pace and spent the next 90 minutes or so reflecting on the year gone by. 

Initially my thoughts focused on the obvious, the difficult family circumstances that came to define the year - surprise pregnancy, cancer diagnosis, loss of jobs, mortgage problems, criminal court, civil court, divorce and frankly I could go on.  Truth is stranger than fiction and 2010 is a year that most Hollywood writers wouldn't have been able to script.

There came a point, however, where I was prompted to take a breath and push past thoughts that focused on circumstances. I believe God was calling me to see He is still on the throne, in control, and was indeed seeing us through the craziness.  It was then that I recognized there is plenty to celebrate - a short list includes:
  • Gutting out a finish line at Disney marathon in sub-freezing weather with a terrible flu in January (and really enjoyed the trip with friends)
  • Marriage retreat in February where Pam and I renewed our vows
  • Having a great race at the Racing for Recovery Half Ironman in June where I raced in honor of family and friends celebrating recovery
  • My 7:03 pace at the 10 mile Crim in August was big for me, but the race day was defined by the smiles of accomplishment from so many of my fellow Freedom Striders members (run club), 
  • The miracle of birth
  • Successful surgery 
  • Relationship restoration
  • Jobs found
  • 80th birthday celebration with my mom.
I choose to define 2010 not by the challenging circumstances, but rather by deliverance, blessings, miracles and the hope for an amazing 2011.

Press on friends. 

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Pat Cross said...

Chuck, your words are inspiring, and make me reflect on my life. Keep the blog going, and refer to it often on facebook so we are reminded to check in.

Making my goals public (to add incentive to accomplish them)
1). Get enough self employed income to live on.
2). Get my (fat) body out 5 days a week. Nothing specific, just an hour of workout to change my direction.
3). Be a good example for others, especially my boys. Stay honest and true.
4). Get to church twice a month.
5). Do at least one workout with Chuck Cova. OK, maybe START a workout with him.
6). Travel somewhere far away with my boys this year.

I'll check in with you periodically. Pat