Monday, April 4, 2011

That those that can, would...

One of the key goals of my Ultra "mission":  that those that can, would

Over dinner last Friday evening I shared with my friend and her husband, that part of my Ultra plan will involve a fund raising goal (keep reading, this isn't a solicitation post :-) and that I had settled on RA research as my cause.  My friend is a warm, energetic little lady with the heart of a lion.  Her body, unfortunately, is typically unable to match the fervor with with she desires to live life.

This motivates me to want to be part of the solution where RA is concerned.  Her response, through tears, what that she was blown away, honored, speechless.  I reminded her that she is my hero, and that as she fights the fight she does, it motivates me to use what I've been given, desiring to live each day well.  

It also stirs me to be an inspirational force, that those that can, those that have no excuse, would.  Would walk, or run, or play ball, or, well, you get the idea - that choices would be made based on a true quality of life, not the typical relentless pursuit of all that fades.  My hope and prayer is that my journey will be used to help people realize that today is the day, and there are no promises of tomorrow.  Each day, we are all given the same 24-hours.  How foolishly, too often, we choose to spend them.

So yes, the day will come when I will ask you to consider partnering with me on this fund raising goal.  For now, however, I hope you simply join me in trying to live life well and to share that joy with those in your circle.


LorrieSmiles said...

Yes, still honored, still blown away and still speechless. Thank you!

Christina BRay said...

ahhhh, i can see how your statement would open up a topic of discussion but I am deffntly one to agree with you.. Often i am asked why swim? why bike? why run? WHY DO ALL 3??? I always answer and will continue to answer "because I can".... I am inspired by you and everything that you do. Keep moving because you can!! On a side note. a song by melissa etheridge called, I run for life can always help put things in perspective... Happy Training and good luck :)